IO Games Introduction is the first online game with this domain extension that reached exceptional popularity all over the world quite quickly.
Game developers began using IO extension more often after this initial success, and it has become a dominant trend in last years. Today, has been played by millions of users, and anyone with internet access can join the pool and experience this amazing online action game.

This is a region based gaming platform translated for players from different countries. It means you can play it with users from your hometown or country which makes it more interesting. was the next game with the same domain extension that became very popular among players from all corners of the Earth. But it is just a tip of the iceberg, and there is a really long list of popular IO games right now.

Main Reasons for Big Popularity

All IO games have similar characteristics that favored them among others.

  • - Interesting and easy to play.
  • - Multiplayer gaming platforms, regionally or internationally based.
  • - Free of charge.
  • - Simple to learn.
  • - Many versions available on Google Play and iOS Store.

If you take a look at some of the most popular IO games, you will notice that they are extremely user-friendly. You do not have to have any prior knowledge and experience in the field if you want to join the game and play it successfully.
It is an amazing but completely free experience, and you do not have to pay a cent before joining.

Requirements for Successful Playing

Some of those IO games require stronger and modern devices in order to provide the best gaming experience to the users. Older computers might encounter problems with a number of best IO games which may ruin the adventure.
The fast internet connection and an up-to-date computer are usually an excellent solution to this problem, and you should play it that way to take the maximum benefits.

New and Established IO Games

Not all IO games reach the milestone attracting so many players.
The reason for this lies in the fact that a large number of IO games is hitting the market every day, and it is already fulfilled with a list of great games.
But those already established platforms receive regular and frequent updates that keep them at the top. It means the popularity of those games are not going to disappear in the recent future because they follow modern trends.