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About game is a unique action multiplayer IO game with an excellent graphic that provides an awesome gaming experience. If you have not tried this game so far, you should do that as soon as possible because the playing is a real pleasure. 

How to play in

You have to avoid automatic traps and pay attention to other players while trying to bring a mine to the base of your enemies. If you succeed this, and a bomb explodes inside, your enemies will be destroyed, and you will move to the next level. 

However, it is easier to say than to do, and you have to gather fifty boxes with the sign of the mine in order to get the bomb into the base. The boxes are safeguarded by laser systems and shooting cannons, so you have to eliminate and avoid them first. Laser systems are impossible to destroy, but it is possible to demolish cannons if you click it from an appropriate distance. 


  • WASD to move
  • Click to destroy cannons
  • Space to prepare mines for deploying
  • Click Q E to select the mine direction

As Grizix we offer unblocked servers on our page. You can download the mods to upgrade the game of your taste and start playing

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