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About game is an exciting 2D zombie action multiplayer IO game developed and supported by Jaeyun Noh. It is available for Android users, and they can download it from Google Play Store. But you can also try it online free of charge. 

How to play in

In this game, humans compete against zombies. They have a specific amount of time to move over the platform. If they do not succeed, the zombies would appear. The humans can select different weapons to defend themselves, and they can even use furniture for the purpose. 

So, this first mission of your character is the survival. You have to eliminate all the zombies that appear while not letting them touch you. If any of the zombies bite you, then your character would become a zombie as well, and you will lose the game. Different servers contain various maps, and you have a chance to select the most appropriate one for yourself. 


  • WASD to move your character
  • Since is a big game of tag, there is no need for attacks to tag people simply walk into them.

As Grizix we offer unblocked servers on our page. You can download the mods to upgrade the game of your taste and start playing

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