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About Knuckol Club game

Knuckol Club io is a simple but exciting multiplayer minimalistic IO game for desktop users. You can play it free of charge in your browser if you have a computer and stable internet connection. 

How to play in Knuckol Club

You should not have big trouble with intuitive controls easy to follow. The main task has to use spear that every character poses in order to pop competitors like balloons. You have to eliminate as many of them as you can while keeping your health condition in a good shape. 

The acceleration is a single ability that your character has. You have to target the middle of the opponent's characters during the collision. That's how you will eventually kill them. Do not forget to accumulate as many color dots as you can because they will help you to advance in the game.


  • Use mouse pointer to move Knuckle
  • Left-click to rush

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