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About game is an awesome multiplayer action strategy IO medieval game. The players have a possibility to create an army competing with other armies and defending their positions. Lordz is a popular battle strategy platform constantly played by a large number of gamers from all over the world. 

How to play in

It is like a big exciting community, and anyone can join free of charge. Lordz is available online, and you will slowly build your skills after starting. This a funs and addicted strategy that you will love to play. The time is set-up in the Middle Ages, and armies use weapons and fighting strategies form that period of time. 

You have a chance to build up houses and castles at first. Later, you will have a possibility to create an army base and fortress. The coins will help you to do this, and you can collect them all around. When you create a fortress and everything else, you can begin conquering other areas. 


  • Mouse - Your units follow the mouse
  • Space - Split army
  • LMB Click and keep button - Attack the building
  • Build units and buildings by clicking or pressing corresponding pictures

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