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About game is an attractive shooting multiplayer IO game with crafting and mining option. In fact, you can build up defense objects to support your battle against other players. The main task is to defeat all of your enemies by killing them and keeping your health conditions in a good shape. 

How to play in

Also, you can hide somewhere and let them kill each other, but that tactic is quite risky and not very interesting. The best thing is to find arms and ammo picking them up by pressing E/F. That way, you will have a better chance to lead a more exciting battle. 

When prepared, you have to search for enemies and eliminate them one by one. The graphic is great and many are addicted to this platform. This game is available online, and the internet connection is the only requirement to reach it successfully. BuildRoyale is one of the free io games, and you do not have to give money before playing. 


  • Press E, F - Interact with ground items and chests.
  • LMB Click - Attack.
  • RMB Click - See the enemies from a distance.
  • Press Q - Turn the build mode on.
  • Press Space - Jump.
  • Press Shift - Running.
  • Press R - Reload the weapon.
  • Press Tab - Open an inventory.
  • Press M - Open map.

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