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About game is an awesome smash-hit of multiplayer IO games that achieved great popularity. Millions of gamers from all over the world play it on a regular basis. is developed and supported by Steve Howse. The first version was released on March 25, 2016. The game is available for iOS and Android users, but you can also play it directly in your browser on the official website. 

How to play in was gaining positive critics from the beginning. The main goal in this game is to become the biggest worm by controlling your character, eating pellets and eliminating other players. You have to protect your worm from others because you can also become their prey. 

The largest one is usually the strongest, and it can eat the smallest without big problems. If you have played, then you are already familiar with this concept. is a simple and fun multiplayer game, and you will definitely love it. 


  • Mouse - Moving.
  • LMB Click - Boost speed but it reduces your size.

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