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About game is an interesting game evolution multiplayer IO platform created and maintained by Stan Tatarnykov. There are dozens of thousands of gamers playing Mope on a daily basis, and it speaks a lot about its popularity.

How to play in

The user pool is not geographically restricted and anyone can join regardless of the place of living. The game is freely available online, and you do not have to pay a cent if you want to play it. However, a PC and internet connection are two necessary requirements. The main task in this game is to permanently grow and get the maximum results. 

Your character has to advance reaching new levels. You have to fight other animals by attacking them, however, they will attack you as well. It is important not to be thirsty, and your character can drink the water from many supply points. Also, you will get it after killing enemies and eating animals. 


  • Mouse - Moving

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