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About game

Fly or Die is one of an exciting adventure multiplayer IO games. Your character starts as a little bird. There are many animals you can eat while flying, and your bird will grow that way until it becomes a large and dangerous bird. It is the main goal of this game. 

How to play in

You can also collect points and move up through levels. You are becoming a more developing animal on your way. There is an XP bar at the top of the screen with a mission to inform you of upcoming animals. You can eat those of green color while red animals are dangerous, and they can eat you, in fact. So, you have to pay attention to that aspect if you want to live long. 

A part of the rules will eventually change when you reach the new size and become a bigger animal. It is also necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water, so you should look for the supply points and resources. All animals in this game can fly, and they are separated into three different groups; large birds, small birds, and insects.


  • LMB Click to fly
  • Mouse - Set the way

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