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About game

Battle it out with other spacecraft in this awesomely enjoyable space game. In this game, you control your very own spaceship using the WASD keys. Your goal is to travel through space, all the while destroying other spaceships that you encounter.

How to play in

You can do this by pressing on the left mouse button or the space bar to shoot from your spaceship. As you travel deeper into space, or as you survive for longer periods of time in the game, you should be able to encounter more enemies. This drastically increases the difficulty of the game, so you will need a lot more skill in order to travel in your spaceship. 

This is what makes the game way more fun, as you challenge yourself to beat all of the other enemy spaceships that are coming to shoot you down as well. Be the next space explorer on and explore the stars.


  • Movement: W, A, S, D and Arrows
  • Attack: Right-click and Space

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