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About Bitplanets game

BitPlanets is an exciting multiplayer adventure IO game available for mobile and desktop users. The main goal is to develop your own planets, send ships to other spaces and conquer the entire universe. The main task of the game is reached when you achieve that.

How to play in Bitplanets

A platform allows you to compete with other players from different areas and countries. The game is very popular, and they are thousands of gamers that play it regularly. However, you can also ask your friend to join the battle with you. The interesting thing in this game is a possibility to earn money by killing your enemies. In fact, you get $0.01 every time you eliminate one of your rivals. 

Also, you can automatize your ships to reach other planets automatically. It can increase your power, and you might win the game more easily. You can play this game directly on the Internet or download the app for your smartphone or tablet.


  • Left-click to action

As Grizix we offer Bitplanets unblocked servers on our page. You can download the Bitplanets mods to upgrade the game of your taste and start playing Bitplanets.

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