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About game is an excellent first-person multiplayer 3D shooting IO game available for desktop users with a stable internet connection. It means you can play it in your browser if you meet the requirements. The game is completely new and the graphic is very good. 

How to play in

The main tasks of the game are to eliminate your enemies by shooting at them and collect as many points as you can find. The mission lasts for five minutes, and you have to survive until the end. Headshots generate more points which means you should target your opponents directly into a head. 

A drawback of this game is in the fact that there is only one location, and you might have a problem to find ammo and aid kits. That's because the game is completely new and future updates are expected. 


  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to shoot
  • R to weapon reload

As Grizix we offer unblocked servers on our page. You can download the mods to upgrade the game of your taste and start playing

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