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About game is an exciting multiplayer survival IO game available for online users. An appropriate device such as a computer or smartphone and internet connection are the only requirements you have to provide if you want to begin playing. 

How to play in

This game is a simple one, and you will quickly realize how to play it in the best possible way. The main goal is to hunt other animals and to receive XP points for every successful catch. You can later redeem them for other interesting things including advanced skills. 

When you reach an appropriate size, you can start competing with other players. That way, you will receive additional XP points for all successful huts you achieve. 

There are a total of 14 levels, and you will get a unique type of weapon for each of them. Not all animals worth the same amount of points and some are valued low such as rabbits that generate only 4 points after hunting. 


  • Boost with right click
  • Move with mouse
  • Click to shoot

As Grizix we offer unblocked servers on our page. You can download the mods to upgrade the game of your taste and start playing

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