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About game is an interesting realistic multiplayer 2D survival IO game that you can play in your browser. It gives you an opportunity to create your own dynasty with a chance to last for centuries. However, you have to develop your character before you can move further. The resources are spread all over the map, and you must collect them in order to achieve progress. 

How to play in

The wild animals are there to stop you in your intentions, and you have to be careful. They will start attacking you if they notice you, so it is important not to become their meal. You can avoid them or defend yourself if they are too close to your character. 

Also, players fight among each other, and any of them might attack you as well. So you have to pay attention to your competitors if you want to avoid becoming a victim. This is a relatively new game, it is released in August 2018. 


  • WASD or arrow keys - Move
  • Left click (LMB) - Attack/Gather
  • C - Craft
  • B - Build
  • I - Inventory
  • M - Open team

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